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Ancient Postpartum Practices

Learn how to create a healthy environment for your family and newborn without feeling depressed and depleted from giving birth

Course Overview

After having my 5th boy, I decided to finally take time out for my postpartum recovery. I realized I haven't done that for my last 3 children. While most text book postpartum courses that I'm certified in gives you a very standard way of caring for mom, my unique step by step postpartum course is heartfelt, personable, practical, and healing. This course is design to make it your own when caring for a mom or if you are the mom herself. Join me as you journey inside my postpartum healing journ to prevent depression and depletion.

Creating Righteous Traditions
Nutrition and Recipe Vault

What Does Bonding with Baby Look Like

Caring For Mom is What Makes The Difference

Those of us that was raised in the western world have been taught that baby is the number 1 importance in the postpartum period. Myself and the Eastern world has to disagree. Through my research and studies, although we love baby, it is the mother's turn to be cared for during this period and I will show you how with these key essentials.

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